pet boarding services in elkin

Pet Boarding Services

We offer boarding services for dogs, cats, and birds!

Our Pet Boarding Services

At Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital, Elkin, NC, we provide veterinary services for a wide range of family pets and provide boarding services for them. We understand the joy of having dogs, cats, birds, and other small picket pets and the challenge of what to do when your family goes on vacation, or you need to go out of town for business.

We will gladly care for your dog, cat, bird or small mammal. We have a separate ward and runs for your dogs, as well as special homes for your birds and small mammals. Our feline ward has spacious condos for your cat’s comfort. We do advise contacting us as much ahead of time as possible, as the space fills up quickly, especially in the summer months.

Boarding guests must be up to date on all necessary vaccinations. For a list of these or to schedule an appointment to have them taken care of, give us a call. We also require that your pet be completely free from any parasites on the date of his or her arrival. This helps to keep our other guests and our staff safe and comfortable.

If your family has been foregoing vacations or someone gets left behind to care for a pet you didn’t think anyone would be willing to provide boarding services for, we recommend giving us a call to find out if we’d be able to help. We are happy to provide a tour of our kennel facility in Elkin, North Carolina, and have you meet our staff so you can see what a group of passionate animal lovers we are. We want you to feel completely comfortable leaving your pets in our care. Contact us today to learn more.

Dog Boarding

We offer professional dog boarding services at our facility, where your dog will be attended to with love and care.

Whether you’re planning a vacation or taking a trip for business, it can be hard to leave your beloved canine companion behind. Luckily, if you’re in the Elkin, North Carolina area, you don’t have to worry about your dog when you’re away. At Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital, we offer professional dog boarding services at our facility, where your dog will be attended to with love and care. Boarding your pup comes with a number of benefits. You can travel with confidence, knowing that your dog is receiving attention and care. If your dog needs any medications, our experienced technicians can administer them and ensure that he or she stays healthy.

During a stay at our facility, your dog will be separated from any other animal species that are staying with us. The canine kennels are comfortable and spacious, providing plenty of room for your dog to feel relaxed. We’ll also make sure that your pup receives regular exercise during their stay at our boarding facility. Our staff includes people who love animals and will treat your beloved pet like you would if you were home.

When you bring your canine friend in for dog boarding, we recommend that you bring a favorite toy, bed, or blanket, which can help your pup feel more comfortable. Our facility is open for drop-off and pick-up between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Before you head out on your next trip, book a spot for your canine friend at our dog boarding facility.

Cat Boarding
We provide professional cat boarding that ensures your cat is in excellent hands.

If you’re getting ready to travel but have a feline friend at home, you may worry about how they will do when you’re away. Many cats get anxious and depressed when their person is gone, which can impact their digestive and eating habits. You may think about hiring a sitter to come in and care for your cat when you’re away, but this still leaves the pet alone for long stretches. If your cat is unfamiliar with the sitter, they may hide or exhibit signs of stress. Contact us at Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital to book a spot in our cat boarding facility instead of taking the risk. We provide professional cat boarding that ensures your cat is in excellent hands.

Although no one can provide the same level of love to your pet that you can, our staff comes in as a close second. We have a team of skilled individuals who love animals deeply and want to provide the best possible experience for them when they’re away from home. This extends to your cat, who will stay in a separate feline ward, apart from the dogs and any other animals who may be staying with us at the same time. We have spacious condos for each cat, ensuring their comfort and safety when they are at our facility. Additionally, our technicians can administer medications and make sure your cat is following their diet as needed. You can feel comfortable when you leave your pet at our Elkin, North Carolina facility for high-quality cat boarding service.

Bird Boarding
We offer excellent bird boarding and care to give you peace of mind while you travel.

Here at Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital, we know that people form loving bonds with all kinds of animals– not just cats and dogs. We also understand that if you own a less-common type of pet, such as a bird, it can be difficult to find appropriate veterinary care and boarding facilities. Our team has extensive experience with avian care, and we also offer bird boarding services to keep your feathered friends safe and comfortable while you are away.

In our experience as avian care providers, we find that many bird owners feel like they can’t go on trips because they are unable to find adequate boarding facilities for their pets and can’t find a reliable bird-sitter, either. If you are a bird-owner in the Elkin, North Carolina area, you’re in luck, as our team provides the safe bird boarding facilities and attentive care that you’ve been looking for. Our boarding facility has separate areas for dogs, cats, and birds, so you won’t have to worry about larger animals harassing your pet. With us, you can travel as much as you want and be secure in the knowledge that your beloved pet is being well-cared for.

We at Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital are proud to serve the Elkin community, and we want to make sure that bird owners can travel, too. If you are thinking of taking a trip, just give us a call to learn more about our team’s excellent bird boarding facilities.