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Bird Boarding, Elkin, NC

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We offer excellent bird boarding and care to give you peace of mind while you travel.

Here at Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital, we know that people form loving bonds with all kinds of animals– not just cats and dogs. We also understand that if you own a less-common type of pet, such as a bird, it can be difficult to find appropriate veterinary care and boarding facilities. Our team has extensive experience with avian care, and we also offer bird boarding services to keep your feathered friends safe and comfortable while you are away.

Bird Boarding in Elkin, North Carolina

In our experience as avian care providers, we find that many bird owners feel like they can’t go on trips because they are unable to find adequate boarding facilities for their pets, and can’t find a reliable bird-sitter, either. If you are a bird-owner in the Elkin, North Carolina area, you’re in luck, as our team provides the safe bird boarding facilities and attentive care that you’ve been looking for. Our boarding facility has separate areas for dogs, cats, and birds, so you won’t have to worry about larger animals harassing your pet. With us, you can travel as much as you want, and be secure in the knowledge that your beloved pet is being well-cared for.

We at Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital are proud to serve the Elkin community, and we want to make sure that bird owners can travel, too. If you are thinking of taking a trip, just give us a call to learn more about our team’s excellent bird boarding facilities.