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When Should Pocket Pets See a Vet?

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While many pet owners know the importance of bringing their cat or dog to the vet, veterinarians are here to help with many other varieties of pets, including pocket pets. “Pocket pets” is a term referring to small rodents and mammals like gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets. These animals can make wonderful pets when properly cared for. When is it important for pocket pets to see a vet?

When Should Pocket Pets See a Vet?

1. New arrivals: When you first welcome your pocket pet into your home, a veterinarian can help you make sure your pet is healthy and teach you how to best care for it.

2. Well checks: Routine well-checks can help to keep your pet in good health and identify any problems early on. Some pocket pets, like ferrets, require vaccinations. These can be given at their well check visits.

3. Spay and Neuter Visits: Many pocket pets should be spayed or neutered. Waiting too long to do so may result in having more pets than you planned on. Getting pocket pets spayed or neutered can also be helpful to their health in preventing some forms of cancer. For female ferrets, having them spayed prevents common but serious problems with anemia.

4. Illness or injury: If your pocket pet is acting unusual or displaying signs of discomfort, a veterinarian can provide you with helpful diagnostics and advice for treatment.

In order to create a safe and healthy and environment for your pocket pets, you need a veterinary team you can trust to provide them with good care. Dr. Richard Brinegar, our small animal doctor at Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital, has a great deal of experience and will always treat your pet with great care, compassion, and skill. To learn more or to make an appointment, reach out and give us a call.