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Top Reasons to Get Your Pet Vaccinated

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If you have recently added a new furry member to the family, congratulations! Getting a new pet can be an exciting time in your life. When you get a new pet, you typically go buy the necessary food, accessories, and toys. All of these things are great for getting started, but there is one more item on that list that should be checked off ASAP: pet vaccinations. Pet vaccinations are highly important and should be at the top of your to-do list after getting a new pet. Here are the top reasons to get your pet vaccinated.

Pet vaccinations are highly important

  • Protects Your Pet – Pet vaccinations can be crucial to your pet’s health. Vaccinations can prevent infections and diseases from occurring. Additionally, vaccinations give your pet a “boost” of immunity to help them fight off diseases and make them stronger.
  • Protects Your Family – Vaccinations are not only crucial for your pet’s health, but your family’s health as well. Diseases like rabies can transfer from pets to humans and can be serious for those with health risks.
  • Cost Effective – Pet vaccinations are generally inexpensive and easily done. The cost of prevention is also lower than the cost of treating a disease, making vaccinations very cost effective.
  • Required by Law – Did you know that certain vaccinations are required by law? In the United States, it is required that pets be vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, certain states require additional vaccinations. If you fail to vaccinate your pets per the state requirement, you are subject to a fine.

We hope this guide has educated you on the importance of pet vaccinations. If you have any questions regarding pet vaccinations, and the services we provide, please contact us at Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital today.