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Lost Pet Prevention Tips from a Professional Veterinarian

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Here at Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital, we understand just how much you care for your pet. During our years in this field, we have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the grief of many loving pet owners after their pet becomes lost. July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, and in this article, you’ll be getting some tips on how to keep your pet safe at home from a professional veterinarian.

Our veterinarians will insert the microchip

  • Keep Pets Indoors- One of the most effective ways to prevent your pet from getting lost is to keep them inside. Cats can easily get over 6-foot fences, and dogs can fit through much smaller gaps than you think. Keeping your pets indoors as much as possible will give them fewer chances to escape your protection. If you do take your pet outside, we strongly recommend that you watch them closely to prevent them from getting lost or pet-napped.
  • Use Collars and Tags- Another lost pet prevention tip from our veterinarians is to always have your pets wear proper collars and ID tags. This holds true even if you have indoor pets, as there’s always the chance that they could get out by mistake, and you’ll want people to know that your pet belongs to you if that situation ever arises.
  • Have Pets Microchipped- Lastly, we recommend getting your pets microchipped to provide another layer of protection. Even if your pet wears a collar and tags, there’s still a chance that the collar could come off. Microchips provide a foolproof way to make sure that any strangers who find your pet know that they already have a family. Our veterinarians will insert the microchip while making sure that your pet stays as comfortable as possible during the process.