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Avian Care: Keeping your Bird Safe at Home

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Birds are beautiful and intelligent creatures, and they can be fun, loyal, and affectionate companions. When you choose to bring a bird into the family, you need to be prepared to provide it with the best in avian care. To begin with, you need to make sure your home is a safe place for your bird to live.

Avian Care: Keeping your Bird Safe at Home

Birds, especially parrots, can be curious and mischievous. Like new puppies, birds may find things to chew on that can be harmful and destructive. Provide your bird with safe and appropriate toys and keep them away from items with lead or zinc, which are toxic for birds. Your home can be a happy place for your bird, but it is also full of things that can be harmful to them. There are many items you likely have in your home that should be kept away from your bird, such as:

  • Medications
  • Insecticides and rodenticides
  • Chocolate and caffeine
  • Onions and garlic
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a product found in non-stick cookware, air fryers, ovens, irons, ironing board covers, and heat lamps
  • Air fresheners
  • Scented candles
  • Hair products and other aerosols
  • Nail polish
  • Fumigants
  • Cleaning products
  • Paints and polyurethane

If you use these products in your home, make sure they are stored securely and that any fumes are not near your bird. Smoke from cigarettes, marijuana, engine exhaust, appliances, or burning food can also be dangerous to your bird. If smoke is present in your home, try to keep your bird away from it.

At Animal Ark Elkin Veterinary Hospital, we offer the best in avian care and can guide you on how to create a safe and loving environment where your bird can thrive. To learn more about proper avian care at home, come and see us today.