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Animal Care Essentials: How to Prevent Pet Poisoning

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highest-quality animal careHere at Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing your pet with the highest-quality animal care. A significant part of our goal is to educate pet owners about what their pets need and how to protect them from potential harm. One of the most common dangers to pets is poisoning, so as part of National Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month, we’ll be going over some key tips on how to keep your pet safe from this health hazard.

  • Clean with Caution- When it comes to pet poisoning, some of the most common toxins are cleaning products. Because of this, we encourage you to make proper storage of your cleaning supplies part of your animal care routine. Cleaning chemicals can cause major damage to your pet’s esophagus, liver, kidneys, and more, so keep your products locked up and keep your pets out of the way when cleaning.
  • Guard Your Garage- Another common cause of pet poisoning is automotive chemicals such as antifreeze, motor oil, and gasoline. In addition to locking up your cleaning supplies, you should also secure any chemicals for your car well out of reach of your pet, and be sure to clean up any spills immediately.
  • Protect Your Pills- A third thing to watch for when it comes to preventing pet poisoning is medications. Specifically, it’s a good animal care practice to always keep your human medications stored securely and out of reach of your pets, and storing your pet medications in a completely separate area. Animals and humans metabolize different medications in vastly different ways, so getting those two types mixed up could do major damage.

We at Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital hope that this information has been helpful. If you’d like further tips on how to keep your pet safe from poison, just give us a call.